01: “Together we’re going to figure out how to MAKE love.” (ft. laura brewer)

“Together we’re going to figure out how to MAKE love.” – 001

Aaaaaaand: we’re off! Welcome to episode 001 of How To Make Love, a podcast by laura brewer.

In this episode, you’ll hear why I made this podcast, why the primary voices will be those of historically and culturally marginalized people (plus really rockin’ allies & co-conspirators), and what the hell it is that we’re up to. Cliff’s notes: I believe the key to repairing our human spirit and shared sense of humanity is learning how to MAKE love. To be able to choose it, to wield it, to create it — at will. And that means we have some cultural baggage about the concept of love, the ideology of love, and the very inconsistent and often harmful “practice” of love that we need to scrutinize.

You’ll also hear snippets of future episodes, along with powerful perspectives from many folks who share why and how they are understandably skeptical about love. And I’ll discuss how we’ll all work to make it. Welcome to the conversation.

Thank you for listening!

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The audio montage at the beginning of the episode included pieces of the following videos:
• “Obama: Race remains potent and divisive force in society” from producer The Star Online
• “Donald Trump compilation: The 90 most shocking things he’s said during election campaign” from producer Global News
• “Westboro Baptist Spreading Hate- San Francisco” from producer NutCheese
• “Alt-right demonstrators, counter-protesters clash in Berkeley” from producer Mercury News
• “White nationalists and counter-protesters clash in Charlottesville” from producer RT America
• “Fans at a high school football game chant, ‘Build the wall’” from producer New York Post


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laura brewer

laura is the host and creator of How To Make Love.


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