“Satisfaction rates were off the chart.”


Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity director at Fortune 500

“Everyone that worked with laura was incredibly satisfied. Satisfaction rates were off the chart. One person in particular I think said laura’s work was “life changing.” I mean, I did not have a doubt in my mind that it would be pretty effortless for laura to really work with people of various levels, different levels, from managers to directors, to VPs to SVPs. And people that I worked with at the C-Suite level, the SVP level, the work that she did with them really resonated such that they’re now offering that up as coaching advice to people that they’re actually working with.

“laura has found a way to really quickly figure out and without making people feel judged or feel not whole what it is that they need. I think it catches people off guard because they’re thinking, “Oh, this executive coach, it’s going to tell me what I need to do differently and come in and fix me.” I think they are really caught off guard and just really drawn in by this fact that no, laura believes that you’re whole. Like what do you actually want? And really helping you unearth that.”

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