“Game-changing executive coaching.”


Senior Vice President - Fortune 500

“It was a very human executive coaching experience … I started our sessions by asking laura a lot of questions on how I should think about this or what I could do here. And what I ended with was more of a self-guided, sustainable version of becoming a better executive and person myself. And reflecting on that and constantly making it a part of who I wanted to be going forward … A huge thank you to Laura. It really, I know this may sound a little cliche, but it was a game-changing version of executive coaching for me. It’s something that I’m truly feeling. I mean, it’s stuck with me for months now, but I think it’s something that’s going to stick with me over the long term in terms of some of the practices and learnings and mindset shifts that I took away from it. It was a great time. Time well spent and a lot of fun.”

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