65: Liberatory Consciousness (ft. Tanya Williams & Bari Katz)

65: Liberatory Consciousness (ft. Tanya Williams & Bari Katz)


Join guests Tanya Williams and Bari Katz for a discussion about making love and justice with and through a liberatory consciousness. Steeped deep in the work of Dr. Barbara Love, Bari Katz and Tanya Williams have developed a relationship over the years deeply rooted in their shared beliefs and values  around social justice and liberation.

Welcome to a conversation about seeing the world through a lens of liberatory consciousness.

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After an interesting beginning to their relationship, Bari Katz and Tanya Williams have developed a relationship over the years deeply rooted in their shared beliefs and values  around social justice and liberation. As a design and facilitation team, we have worked with a number of outstanding organizations to disrupt the nature of white supremacist patterns and culture. Hear what others have said about our work together below, and click here to watch our video resources.


Bari first met Tanya when we were both working with the Posse Foundation in 2011, Bari in the National Office and Tanya as a mentor for Posse Scholars at Mount Holyoke College. They reconnected a few years later when Tanya moved to NYC to take on a new role as the Deputy Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement at Union Theological Seminary. In 2016, Tanya became a full-time social justice consultant and founded Authentic Coaching and Consulting. Bari and Tanya have a strong connection as two people who believe deeply that a more socially just world is possible, and are committed both personally and professionally to creating spaces that invite others to imagine and work toward that possibility.

Bari and Tanya’s work together is based on and in the following:

  • Connectivity and belonging

  • Analysis of power

  • Acknowledgement and disruption of white supremacist and white cultural practices

  • Social justice

  • Liberatory perspective

  • Oppression theory and system oppression

  • Connecting the head, the heart and the body

  • Individuals create organizations and people matter most

  • Diversity matters deeply to us as a training team; affinity matters as well


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Tanya Williams & Bari Katz




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