31: “Curiosity & judgement can’t occupy the same space.”

31: “Curiosity & judgement can’t occupy the same space.”


Join guests Emilee and Rob McGowan for a discussion about loss, tragedy, and creating intimacy and partnership – especially when it’s missing. Rob & Emilee are partners in life and in their coaching business: Diving Within.

In this episode, you’ll bear witness to two extraordinary humans who have survived tragedy, heartache, and loss – and have learned to come closer to one another throughout it all.

Welcome to a conversation about making love by creating partnership and intimacy.


Thank you for listening!

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Emilee McGowan, CPC

I grew up in the Bronx, New York.   I am highly motivated in assisting our community members become inspired and persistent in pursuing their passion in life. I have been a supporter and member as a Patient Family Centered Care Advisor at  Miller Children’s Hospital through Long Beach Memorial.  I was previously a Parent Representative for their Palliative Care Focus Group.  I am a Core member of Virtuous Womens Ministry that provides spiritual, emotional, as well as various outreach sources to the community such as feeding the homeless. I am a Board Member and Advisor for the Making Choices Mentoring Program, which our daughter was a mentee. I am grateful for all the opportunities where I am of service to my community. 

Rob McGowan, CPC

A highly motivated seasoned manager of diverse community organizing workforce; An experienced developer of engaging and experiential trainings and public presentations; Effective at community appropriate facilitation; A critical thinker and team player; Knowledgeable of the educational and social justice landscape; Effective at building and sustaining collaborations and developing leadership skills of varied stakeholders; An accomplished public policy advocate.

I dedicate my talents and skills to empowering those who most feel powerless and overwhelmed. My experiences working with individuals and organizations who do policy, education, electoral and advocacy work have fulfilled and transformed my life as a husband, dad, advocate, and a coach.



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Emilee & Rob McGowan



Check out Rob & Emilee’s coaching business.

Emilee & Rob have a YouTube channel with videos all about intimacy, partnership, etc. 

Rob & Emilee’s instagram: @diving_within

laura quotes psychotherapist and author Esther Perel in this episode — here’s her webpage.

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