20: PowerLESS Love

20: PowerLESS Love


Making our love powerLESS rather than powerFULL. That’s what we’re up to today. In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why it’s important to strip control and power out of the way we love;
  • What all of this has to do with love and justice.
  • Nine specific strategies to help you remove power and control from your love and relationships:
    1. Create Shared Power
    2. Agreements > Expectations
    3. Apologize
    4. Give Up: The “Right Way”
    5. Less Critique
    6. Heal Resentment
    7. Tell The Truth
    8. Give Fewer Opinions
    9. Accepting Out-Of-Controlness

Reflection Questions on Creating Shared Power

  • Where can i create more shared power in important relationships?
  • What decisions can I co-author with those most impacted by them?
  • Where am i assuming responsibility for something that I could be co-creating and co-designing?

Reflection Questions on Giving Up “The Right Way”

  • What do you currently approach at work that you believe is the “right” way (or the “better” or “most appropriate” way) of doing things?
  • How are you teaching your kids that there’s a “right way” to do something through control?
  • Where do you assert a “right way” onto others (especially without naming it)?

Reflection Questions on Healing Resentments

  • List your resentments (the person, the hurt, the specific resentment you’re holding onto).
  • How am I benefitting by holding onto this resentment?
  • If I let go of this resentment, what might I feel in it’s place? What might emerge instead?

Welcome to a conversation about making love through letting go of power.

Thank you for listening!

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