08: “All of the connections break when you are utterly broken.” (ft. Yolonda Coles Jones)

“All of the connections break when you are utterly broken.” — 008 (ft. Yolonda Coles Jones)

Join guest Yolonda Coles Jones for an open, honest conversation around how to make love when you are broken wide open. Yolonda’s whole heart and body and voice and story are dedicated to the art of being. She is an artist, a musician, a mother, an entrepreneur, a stylist, a teacher, and in this episode she shares her journey into spiritually, physically, and emotionally “breaking down” and breaking open. Her raw transparency, sincerity, wisdom and expression will shake your heart and call you into more courageous openness for your own life.

Content Warning: this episode contains vivid reference to suicidality. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Yolonda’s journey and experiences with PTSD, suicidality, and her path of healing.
  • Yolonda’s musical expression.
  • Advice and insight on how to breathe through brokenness and ways to care for yourself.

Welcome to a conversation about making love through breaking — and breaking open.

Thank you for listening!

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Yolonda Coles Jones is the force behind Starseed Publishing (Life Sweet Words), Adorn Natural Hair & Beauty with His Image Barber Shop & Natural Hair Studio, Mother Jones Music and Y.CJones Photography. She founded Yolonda Jones Creative, LLC in 2016 to house under one covering the work she has done for more than a decade.


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