05: “I have as much passion as I have insecurity.” (ft. Tre Johnson)

“I have as much passion as I have insecurity.” – 005

Join writer Tre Johnson for a discussion of making love through writing, self expression, and pop culture. Tre Johnson is a prolific writer, who’s perspective and words call us into a more meaningful experience with the culture around us. Tre’s writing explores the connection between pop culture, politics, and race in America — his writing has been featured in Vox, Rolling Stone, and the Atlanta Black Star and Tre appears regularly on television stations, like CBS, CNN, and PBS.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How writing and self-expression are portals for self-love
  • Why going beyond “consuming” the art we love is an important stand for justice
  • How pop culture, race, and politics weave together and how we can more mindfully explore their nexus

Welcome to a conversation about making love through writing, and at the intersection of politics, pop, and race in America.

Thank you for listening!

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Tre Johnson is a writer focused on the connective tissue of who we are, how we live, what we consume and what it means through examining race, culture and politics, my work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Vox, Atlanta Black Star and other outlets.

Prior to freelance writing, he was a veteran in the field of education working in the classroom, non-profits and school districts as a teacher and a leader.  


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