“The most courageous thing we can be is whole.” – laura brewer

“Life changing.” – JR

What is life coaching?

Sometimes we need to be more human or more brave at work. But most of the time: we need to re/humanize and live more bravely in our day-to-day LIFE.

Every human on the planet deserves a life coach. Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe. But our hearts are hardwired to live life and pursue our liberation. Do you see the innate tension?

“laura kicked my ass … Correction: loved my ass…Correction: held up a mirror and asked me to love my own ass.” – Hannah

Our brain is going to generate thoughts to keep us safe. It creates narratives designed to keep you away from the things that make you feel most alive and feel most free because there’s risk there – there’s vulnerability there – there’s aliveness there. And those things scare your brain. So the shitty thing is: when we believe the thoughts designed to keep us safe, we miss out on our life. And we deny ourselves wholeness and freedom that’s available to us right now.

I will teach you to make your thoughts an asset instead of a liability. I will teach you to hear your thoughts. And question them. And feel the feelings you’re avoiding feeling. And make brave decisions that re-humanize your life, your identity, your needs, your freedom, and your relationship with yourself and those around you. And then I’ll teach you to create different and radical results.


Let’s: get you that promotion. Create a plan to leave your job. Start/build your own successful business. Navigate an exciting career transition… or handle imposter syndrome and give you the tools to self-advocate.
Let’s: unlearn The Hustle & Grind. Build a custom practice of mindfulness and presence. Handle the fears and situations that fuel stress in your life. Create plans and systems to enable more ease. Look at the places you’re addicted to a sense of urgency and clip them at the root.
Let’s: build boundaries that help you care and advocate for yourself. Learn to say yes. Or no. Metabolize and alchemize feelings of fear, worry, grief into hope, peace, confidence. Chart a course. Execute a plan. Take risks together. Push you into courageous doing/being.
Let’s: Heal the old wounds so they stop following you around. Change the way you talk to yourself. Kick imposter syndrome out of your life. Get stronger. Build a radical and permanent practice of self-friendliness. Reframe the things you believe are weaknesses. Create balance in your life.
Let’s: create a practice of justice and liberation that has a source much stronger, more sustaining, and less harmful than shame. Forgive (yourself or others). Create healthy boundaries. Unlearn self-deprecation as a way of motivating yourself to take action. Learn radical self-trust and self-friendliness. Build new paradigms for difficult decision making.
Let’s: build a practice of self-advocacy. Enact bold boundaries. Come out, leave a relationship, start a relationship, heal a relationship. Communicate more bravely. Eradicate perfectionism. Heal imposter syndrome. Confront an inequitable work environment. Discover and declare your heart’s longings unapologetically.
Let’s: Save a relationship, start a relationship, end a relationship. Re-relate to sex/intimacy. Practice more vulnerability. Discover and own your needs and wants. Build an ethical practice of polyamory.

There are two ways we can work together.

Results in 5 days. Or. Results in 100 days.
Your choice. Same investment: $6,700

I will doula, teach, coach, train, support, and create results WITH you side-by-side for 5 full days straight – or in bursts for 100 days. Sprint vs. marathon. Immersion vs. practice. There’s no right or wrong. You know yourself the best (though I can help you decide).

Yep, there’s a guarantee.
Yep, there’s a bonus.


And fuck yes, there are options for reparations, sliding scales, payment plans, and adjustments to honor the dignity and unique identities of anyone who wants to do this work.

I sometimes offer low-cost, radical, limited space POP UP options for coaching, support, and accessibility. You can check the @pop-up page – or – subscribe to my private email list to get access to offers not shared anywhere else.

How We’ll Get from Here to There

Create a custom container unique to you that is equal parts compassionate and heat-invoking based on where you’re at and what you want. I am known for creating radical and radically inclusive containers where people can get free, change, or heal.
Give voice to your heart’s goals, wants, needs, and desires. No holding back. I will guide you through the process. All you have to do is tell the truth.
Exhume the fear and look it in the eyes. We can predict all the ways your brain will push back and convince you to turn around from what you want. Don’t worry – we’ll create a plan to prevent that. But only after we listen to what really scares you. We have to learn to hear our fear and stay put. We can’t heal or help or alchemize something we aren’t willing to see.
Heal and change your thoughts. Remember: brain’s job is to keep you safe. It will generate thoughts (that you have been believing – like “who am I to want this?”) and emotions to pull you back to what it knows and thinks is safe (which, spoiler alert: is not what your heart wants).
Chart a plan for change. You’ll know how to handle the fears when they pop up. You’ll know what to do with loud emotions. You’ll feel confident when set-backs arise. You’ll have a concrete plan for closing the distance between here and there.
Create the results. I will teach you how to practice fidelity to your heart every single day and through that practice, we will create the results you want for your life.
Human Bravely

Black Womxn & Womxn of Color Doing This Work

Visibility matters. Affinity matters. And so does learning from and paying womxn of color.

Real humans. Profound LIFE results.