Hi brave human.
So. You want to talk about death?

Whether you’re facing a new diagnosis, rumbling with an old one, feeling at peace, feeling scared shitless, or anything in between – laura can sit beside you and offer tangible support for your experience of life.

laura is a trained end-of-life doula. She primarily offers those services exclusively and pro-bono to members of her local and rural community through Virginia’s hospice services, however she does work with a small number of private clients each year. Mostly virtually. If you are interested in working with laura for end-of-life doula services, you can fill out the form below.

A misconception about “end-of-life” care is that it only happens at end of life — or that it is only for folks with terminal diagnoses. laura believes death doula supports are for anyone at any time in their life. It is always an appropriate time to reflect on death and get support confronting our fears or worries. It’s always an appropriate time to think about the legacy we want to leave and live with our life. Or to plan for death even though it may be many decades away. Or to repair relationships. Or to learn about green burial options. laura’s focus is on easing mental, emotional, spiritual and/or relational suffering as we consider our life – and also our death. And that ease can be for anyone, at any time.

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Black and Indigenous Womxn Doing This Work:

Visibility matters. Affinity matters. And so does learning from and paying womxn of color.


1. What sorts of services does laura offer as a ‘death doula?’

laura can support with relationship repair; legacy work; vigil planning & care coordination; grief support; easing mental, emotional, or spiritual anguish; anticipatory loss; navigating transition in our experience of life; metabolizing anger; advanced directives; and more. You don’t need to know what all these things are. No topic is off limits. The best way to envision how laura might support you is to reach out through the typeform above so we can begin to co-explore your life support together.

The vehicle laura uses for support is coaching. laura is a certified coach with decades of experience, and whether we’re working through grief or repair, coaching and conversation helps us access the bravest, most human parts of ourselves to confront the circumstances in our lives.

2. How would we meet?

Virtually over Zoom, most likely –– unless you wanted laura to curate a sort of life/death reflection retreat for you, in which case we’d both travel some place beautiful for a week or weekend to have an immersive, holistic experience.

3. What are laura's fees?

It depends on the support you’re looking for. You and laura would work together to co-design the experience you’re looking for, and would also co-determine fees. Working with laura privately typically starts at $1,000 (scholarships and reparations-based adjustments are available) and typically involves at least a month of working together but this is variable based on the need and relationship.

4. Do I need to have a terminal diagnosis to do end-of-life support with laura?

No. You can be young, old, sick, well, and everything in between. It’s always the right time to think about how to live our lives more fully, and/or how to have agency, ease, and preparation for the end of our lives.

5. Do you take health insurance or medicare?

Sadly, no. End of life doula support is not currently covered by insurance or medicare, though hospice and palliative services often are. Contact your local hospice with questions about coverage.