I help people be more human.

Being more human is ultimately a practice of courage. And disruption.

Tons of stuff in the world functions to reduce our humanity and make us LESS human. (Injustice. Capitalism. Racism. Perfectionism. Trauma. Insecurities. Wounds. Societal pressure. Erasure. Urgency. Control. Fear. Imposter syndrome. Scarcity.) While the world goes to work on us, we begin to forget who we are and what we are capable of. We numb out, shut off, and become less and less present for the life we are living.

Let’s undo that conditioning.

I specialize in the art of human-ing. Systems and status quo culture dehumanize all of us. I will help you REHUMANIZE: your life. Your company. Your culture. Your relationships. And your legacy.