70: Freedom To Play (ft. Tara Sumrall)

70: Freedom To Play (ft. Tara Sumrall)


Welcome to a coaching conversation, where laura coaches Tara around gender expression and identity. What starts there becomes a brave conversation about the freedom to play, and permission to express.

Coaching questions at the end of the episode:

  1. What does it look like to be both honest & uncertain in relationships/communication with others?
  2. When was the last time you really explored your gender identity and it’s conscious expression?
  3. What conditions would you need to do that exploration again? Or perhaps for the first time?
  4. What’s the connection, for you, between this conversation and white supremacy and systems of internalized or externalized oppression? What’s the connection for you between this conversation and liberation — individual and collective?
  5. Where do you need to give yourself the freedom to play right now?
  6. And last: what is Tara’s courage calling your courage to do, say, or be?

Thank you for listening!

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Tara Sumrall is an enthusiast. Some of the things she is enthusiastic about: karaoke, burlesque, visionary science fiction, reading tarot, public storytelling, and gallery wall curation. Tara’s most salient identity markers are that she is a queer, white, Midwestern auntie. Currently, she also describes herself as a bisexual, femme, woman. No matter how she may identify in the future, she is and will remain committed to unlearning systems of oppression and practicing radical self-love. 

Tara is also a facilitator and coach. She is particularly driven to help people deepen their understanding of who they truly are — instead of who the world has told them they should be. Tara loves creating and facilitating purposeful, inclusive learning experiences. She has just started her own coaching and consulting business, and you can find her at tarasumrall.com or on Instagram @waverlyjane.


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